Since the release of Switch many players have reported a particular flaw in the analog of Joy-Con of the Nintendo console. In fact, after a few months from the purchase, it begins to loosen making it difficult, if not impossible, to play.

Although a class-action action against this flaw already exists, Nintendo found itself facing off in California another cause, carried on by an eleven-year-old boy and his mother. 

The baby's name, according to reports Wired, it would be Luz Sanchez. Ever since buying the console in 2018, when Sanchez was only eight, there would have been problems with the Joy-Con. This inconvenience forced Luz's mother to buy a new set of controllers, but they only lasted a few months. 

After the breakup of Joy-Con's third set, the family decided to take legal action. The compensation that Luz and her mother asked is around $ 5 million. The accusations made against Nintendo are that it hid the production defect of the controllers for profit. A sort of scam in practice, or a poorly concealed planned obsolescence.

Since 2019 Nintendo has actually admitted this defect, offering free repairs for all those who find themselves with the faulty Joy-Con analog. However, the pandemic has made these operations more complex. Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa himself apologized for this inconvenience.