At the dawn of the XNUMXth anniversary of one of the most loved real-time strategy games ever, Blizzard announces that it will no longer develop new content for StarCraft 2. 

No new content, however, does not mean end of support. Blizzard has in fact assured that it will continue to follow the game, as it has already done in the past for other long-life titles.

Developers will focus on the wishes of the community hard core, with particular attention to the competitive, which has always been one of the distinctive features of StarCraft 2.

In a open letter of the developers to the community reads:

“This means that we will not develop additional paid add-on content, […] but that we will continue to take care of the game balance. [...] StarCraft represents the highest rank of competitive esports and professional gaming, and will continue to be in the future. "

The end of the development of new content for the second chapter could also mean news on the horizon for the StarCraft universe.