With the acquisition of Zenimax and Bethesda from Microsoft, many fans of Fallout , Skyrim, Doom and especially PlayStation they remained doubtful about the future of the software house on their platform. And although Microsoft quickly confirmed that the exclusivity agreements on the games already announced will be respected, Phil Spencer doesn't feel very convinced about supporting the blue console in the future.

Phil Spencer Xbox BethesdaDuring an interview for Kotaku, the Xbox boss retracted what was said in priority on the possible release of the games for other platforms, showing confidence and specifying as Microsoft it doesn't need to sell outside of Xbox, PC e Game Pass to recover the 7.5 billion dollars spent during the negotiation, with particular regard to stocks such as The Elder Scrolls VI:

"With xCloud, PC, Game Pass and our console, I'm not obligated to bring those games to other platforms outside of those we support in order to make our deal work, whatever that means."

In short, perhaps for Bethesda titles of the same caliber and budget as Ori and the Will of the Wisps Microsoft will turn a blind eye and allow everyone to play on any platform; but for titles like Starfield or the aforementioned The Elder Scrolls VI, "I'm afraid it's a big no no."