xCloudxCloud it is undoubtedly one of the strong points of the Xbox video game offer and seems destined to evolve over time, expanding its methods of use. It was precisely to suggest it Phil Spencer that, in an interview with Stratechery, has hinted that in the future the service will also be usable on extremely cheap hardware, probably with a device similar to the chromecast of Google.

"I think you will also see cheap hardware as part of our ecosystem, similar to streaming sticks and other things that the user could simply plug into their TV and then go play via xCloud" Spencer explained, who later added "You could also imagine that you have something that we have simply introduced within the Game Pass subscription, something that gives you the ability to stream xCloud games to your TV and just buy the controller ”.

The rumors about a streaming stick dedicated to gaming therefore return to become more insistent and the project appears far from unlikely in its realization. In fact, there has been talk of similar hardware from Xbox already in the 2016, when it was reported that the Redmond house had long been working on a Chromecast-inspired device, temporarily called "Project Hobart". Jobs, according to Windows Central, were basically finished and the stick was ready for production. The presentation was expected for E3 of that year, but only the announcement of "Project Scorpio", code name of One X. Since then, Hobart's traces have been lost but Spencer's recent statements suggest that the project is far from dead and could finally find its suitable place on the market thanks to new Xbox cloud gaming offering.

xCloud is currently available on Android devices for all subscribers to the service Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which also includes the two basic passes (console and PC) and the subscription to Xbox Live Gold.