Although Silent Hill is a saga absent for many years within the gaming scene, his soul continues to live within external projects and totally unrelated to the horror city featured in the Konami game. Within World of Tanks, players will be able to participate in a Halloween event in collaboration with Akira Yamaoka e Masahiro Ito, respectively the composer and the art director behind the city ​​of terror.

Through dynamics co-op, players will face a horde of mysterious tanks that have appeared in the mysterious city of Mirny-13. Their goal: to discover the causes of some supernatural related events to a bad experiment

Here is an excerpt from the interview with Ito and available above:

“Working on this year's Halloween event for World of Tanks was a very interesting experience. The combination of the Wargaming artists and our vision for a scary event made it all possible. My previous works are famous for their creepy atmospheres, chilling stories and hellish beasts, and I hope World of Tanks players are ready to try these experiences. "