The site Custom Plates, formerly called PlateStation, has announced a few hours ago the cancellation of all orders processed in the past few days due to legal threats received by Sony's lawyers.

Ever since Sony announced that the PlayStation 5 side plates will be removable, several users on the web have unleashed their imaginations to customize the new Sony home console in order to make it more "enjoyable" to the eye, and Custom Plates was one of the sites that had already made it possible to pre-order these customized pieces.

Too bad that in the past few hours the site administrators have been forced to remove all the accessories for PlayStation 5 from their store, explaining that the small company has been contacted by lawyers of the Japanese giant who invited them to eliminate any product relating to the console from the site, otherwise threatening to bring the matter in court. 

As it is not possible for Custom to support a legal battle against the Goliath that is Sony, there was therefore no alternative for the company other than canceling all orders already processed, providing for 100% refund all those who had pre-ordered a personalized plaque.