DONTNOD, developer of graphic adventures like Life is Strange and the newcomer Tell Me Why has big plans for the future. Through an interview with Venture Beat we come to discover the first clues on new projects and on the new studio opening.

Dontnod Life is Strange Tell Me Why Vampyr Remember Me

Here are the words of the CEO Oskar Guilbert:

“Our studio is growing, with six games currently in production. Our recent releases have been hugely successful in terms of welcoming the press and players. I'm very proud of it. "

On the merits of these titles, Guilbert added that the opening of the new studio of Montreal allowed the software house to work on new narrative worlds, currently referred to as Project 8, Project 9, Project 10 etc. As for the management of the new studio, the latter was entrusted to the executive producer Luc Baghadoust and the creative director Michel Koch, already known for working on the Life is Strange series.

But what will these new DONTNOD titles be? A new Life is Strange? A sequel to Vampyr? Remember me? Or one Completely new IP?