Announced during the Gamescom 2019, Kerbal Space Program 2 is a title that continues to live a period of developement hell, caused not only by the global pandemic but also by some internal conflicts.

After postponement to autumn 2021 and the change of study by Take-Two, comes yet another postponement of the space simulator to 2022. The news came initially via a tax report by Take-Two, followed by the official confirmation by the creative director of the game Nate Simpson:

“I'll tear off the patch right now: Kerbal Space Program 2 will be released in 2022 rather than autumn 2021. I know it's frustrating, especially considering this isn't the first time we've adjusted our schedule. We knew we were facing an immense technical and creative challenge when we started the project. Over and over we have heard from this community that quality is paramount, and we feel the same way. It's not enough to just create a couple of new features - the new features need to be intertwined into a stable and refined whole. We are creating a stable foundation that players and modders can rely on for another ten years or more. This leads to the resolution of problems that have never been solved, and it takes time. "