Twitch found himself forced to post one declaration about the wave of DMCA violation notifications she has received over the past year. The site apologized for the poor handling of the situation, but he again warned his streamers to stop using copyrighted music during live shows.

“If you use other people's music in your broadcast, you have to stop. And if you haven't already, you need to check your VODs and Clips, and remove those in which copyright protected music is played. "

Many streamers in the past few months have received DMCA notifications for using background music on their streams. Twitch only ordered them to remove the offending videos, without giving any details. The site focused on this lack of communication, who also apologized for the lack of transparency and communication with their partners. 

Twitch is working on a lot of music news, from the development of Soundtrack, currently still in beta, to that of a software to detect copyrighted audio. 

Twitch users have been receiving notifications of DMCA violation since March. In case of repeated violations, they risk losing their channels forever. Unfortunately Twitch is legally obliged to make sure its users comply with the DMCA. By doing so, the platform actually protects users from direct causes by the big record labels.

The criticism of Twitch is therefore well deserved when it comes to communicating and managing the situation. But for the notifications themselves, the site has no faults, it is the law that should be updated to the new needs of the internet entertainment industry.