The coronavirus caused the total cancellation of TwitchCon in San Diego, the most anticipated event by the community of the most watched video game streaming site in the world. But in its place, GlitchCon will be held starting tomorrow November 14 from 18:00 pm, until 6:00 am the next day. 

In the home of Twitch opened a portal, which leads to a delusional page of explanations. A video populated by Kappa and Bob Ross helps to get into the atmosphere of this unlikely virtual event.

The event will consist of several live shows, ranging from video games, to tabletop role-playing games to cosplay. It will be international, with streamers from ten countries broadcasting in eight different languages. All broadcasts will also be translated into International Sign Language.

Among the communities involved there is also the Italian one, which will participate with the live performances of Terenas, Viking and Kafkanya. The event will be completely free.