After the gigantic copyright strike last month and subsequent ones apologies for what happened, Twitch is poised to improve the experience for both viewers and streamers, the main victims of DMCA.

TwitchWithin a post on the official blog, the platform announced that in the coming months, in addition to the creation of dedicated tools, will come into contact with the various record companies to provide its users with a series of songs that can be used during live shows without dangers regarding the well-known Copyright law:

“We are actively in contact with major record brands to discuss potential approaches on additional licensing for the Twitch service. That said, the current deals they have with other services (which in most cases offer a percentage of creators' earnings to keep them) make little sense to Twitch. Most of our creators don't use pre-recorded songs for their streams. We are open to creating new structures that may work with Twitch's service, but it will take some time to materialize or not. In the meantime, we're working hard to create better tools to help you manage your clips and to offer you options like Soundtracks as we explore all the options.