Atlus, the developer of Persona, will reach a larger number of users thanks to new porting, remake and remastered of its titles.

Thanks to the remarkable success recently obtained by the Japanese company in the West, SEGA would be thinking of publishing Atlus games on PC and other platforms. These are the words of the CEO Haruki Satomi:

“While we never actively supported the PC, we thought there was a lot of potential. For this we have released a port of Persona 4 Golden, and the response from the players has been far beyond our expectations. We want to publish the titles of the Atlus catalog on various platforms, both via direct ports and via remastered or remake ”. 

We will finally be able to see 5 person on the Nintendo Switch, or a collection of the first titles of the saga on next gen platforms? The important thing is that the Western public has realized the value of these titles for too long ignored.