Chris Kaleiki, historical designer of World of Warcraft for 13 years left Blizzard because of some creative differences that the same designer exhibited in a video uploaded to YouTube.

The developer confessed that in the last period was not very satisfied with the current state of the game, frustration that with the release of the Classic version of the popular MMO began to grow more and more, especially when he found himself comparing clan management of both versions.

Subsequently, Kaleiki lashed out at it the narrative of the latest expansions, based mainly on the game's boundary elements, rather than the main features of the game, including the players, protagonists (according to him) of the narrative.

This disconnect between the old and the new led him to leave Blizzard and now he hopes he can work on his next virtual world. Finally, he wished all his former colleagues the best of luck with the upcoming release of the expansion Shadowlands.