Flight Simulator in addition to being one of the best-received video games by audiences and critics of this 2020, it is also a small masterpiece of technology. Despite the work of ASOBO has been masterful, there is always room to improve such a vast and detailed world.

The developers are aware of this and for this reason they immediately started publishing the World Update, updates aimed at improving specific places. The first of these updates it focused on Japan, and now it's the turn of the United States of America.

The second World Update, which will be free for all Flight Simulator players, focuses on improving environments and points of interest scattered across North America. In addition to a general improvement in textures, update also adds several new airports built down to the smallest detail (Atlanta, Dallas / Fort Worth, Friday Harbor, and New York Stewart).

Plus players will be able to venture into a new one discovery flight sulla east coast and a new one Bush Trip in the wilds of Alaska.