Phil Spencer Xbox Series X Series SIn a long interview granted to The Verge, Phil Spencer has revealed some background on the release of the Xbox Series X and Series S, as well as some strategies planned for the future.

The boss of the gaming division of Microsoft revealed that the production of the new consoles has started slightly late, as it has chosen to wait for specific technologies made by AMD for their chips.

“Production started in late summer. We were slightly behind the competition because we were waiting for specific technologies from AMD that are present on our chip (the reference could be to RDNA2, ed). We were slightly behind Sony when it comes to producing the units. We started in late summer. When you do this, you then need to deliver it to the right retailers and distributors. There is a time lag between putting into production, leaving the assembly lines and actually arriving on store shelves. We have been building at full capacity now, for a few months. And we are continuing. Units keep coming on the shelves. Demand is incredibly high at the moment. The biggest disappointment for me in this launch (but I'm also happy that it is) is that people love the product. But the demand is high, to the point that as soon as the product hits the shelf, it goes away very quickly. And if you want one, I'll play like a rep now, I'd recommend getting one as soon as you see it ”.

The situation, second Phil Spencer, it will take a while to reach normality and expect it to continue for a few more months:

"[...] we will be in this situation until next spring. Maybe not as stringent as at the moment, but the demand is really high, and we are producing. We started the distribution chain in the summer. We manufacture and manufacture. There is simply a physical limit to how many production lines you can merge into assembly lines. You can build as many of them as possible and that's what we're doing. There are choices to be made regarding the mix, such as how many Series S and Series X to build. You have to make a decision on that ”.

With regard to this issue, Spencer replied on how the production volumes of the two machines are being balanced and whether these have already changed over time.

"No (they haven't changed, ed). We believe that in the first holiday season and probably the second holiday season as well you will see more Series X stock sold. We have produced more Series X than Series S. I think when next spring and next summer arrive, we'll moderate it a bit. In the long run, in many cases, the price wins. If you look back at past generations of consoles and when they hit their true peak sales, and that's one of the reasons we're happy to have it, it was when they hit the Series S price range. upcoming holidays, which we are already thinking about in the production chain, we are already projected on this, trying to understand what, in our opinion, the proportion between the two should be. [...] Demand for Series X is currently higher, which is what we expected. ”