The former creative director of the series Dragon Age Mike Laidlaw has opened a new development studio in Quebec, Canada. Together with him, within the team of Yellow Brick Games various veterans not only of Electronic Arts but also of Ubisoft, and with beyond 15 years of experience in the sector.

Dragon Age 4 Fernando Melo Lead Producer Bioware Yellow Brick Games

The main focus of the new study is based on a development approach basic, focusing mainly on the pleasure of creating new gaming experiences, within a work environment flexible e customizable.

“Working on high-level productions with hundreds of colleagues we have learned a lot. By leveraging a smaller team where people come first, we will create amazing worlds and experiences for everyone else. The market moves fast and we have no desire to chase it when we can influence its path. "

Pending their first project, I refer you to their official channels or Twitter and Official site.