What is the number one enemy of a controller? An angry mother? The cat? The TV? No! The natural enemy of our favorite control interface is what can happen to analogs when in contact with dust: drifting. This phenomenon already found in large scale with Nintendo Switch Joycon it seems to have also infected the new Sony home controller: the DualSense of PlayStation 5.

Dualsense Drift from PS5

In the past few days, several users on Reddit have reported and documented the problem with various videos during their games on titles such as Destiny 2 o Spider-Man: Miles Morales. In the comments instead, some users report the total malfunction of the left analog which will force them to bring their own controller in assistance. Obviously at the moment we are talking about rare and isolated cases and we urge you not to give immediately the red alert.

DualSense Analog Drift from playstation

However, who knows? Considering that behind the DualSense there is also the same team Immersed who designed the function HD Rumble of Nintendo Switch, the latter may have accursed also the blue team controller? obviously "Sgherza".