La global pandemic generated a certain confusion within the hardware market. Whether it PS5, Xbox Series X or in this case the latest GPU model Nvidia o AMD, the plague of scalpers prevented many users from purchasing the latest technological innovations of 2020 with the latter forced to buy the cards at a premium or waste hours and hours in the desperate search RTX 3060 Ti currently Out of stock. In this regard, the Twitch user Falcodrin has found a way to make it easier for everyone to search, through a bot live stream.

How the bot works is intuitive: an automatic search is carried out within each single advertisement of the main retailers American (Newegg, Best Buy, Amazon etc.) and then output a status that confirms the availability or not of the product.

Of course, at this moment maybe the vision of hundreds of "Out of Stock" written in red is depressing, however the bot is still a nice idea that it will save you a lot of free time.