At the beginning of November we were all affected in some way by the news on the American elections. It was virtually impossible not to hear about the defeat of Trump in those days, also for his refusal to accept it.

But the elections in the US are not over. And I'm not referring to the president's causes to overturn the presidential results, those are futile. There are real elections, yet to be held, which could decide the fate of Biden's first two years of presidency.

The United States Senate

The American Senate hangs in the balance. Two seats separate the Democrats from the majority and their own two seats are up for grabs in the second round of elections in Georgia, which will be held on January 5th.

Having a majority in the Senate, along with that of the chamber already won by the Democrats, means a lot to a president. It means being able to pass reforms more easily, appoint your loyalists to leadership positions, and more pragmatically, not be afraid of impeachment.

But in this race the Democrats start at a disadvantage. In the first round, both blue candidates took fewer votes than their Republican challengers, and in these months before the ballot they have to catch up. This is where Destiny comes in.

Destiny Initiative

Steven Kenneth Bonnell II, better known as Destiny, is a rather well-known US streamer, active on Twitch and YouTube. He has been in the world of streaming since 2011, when he was broadcasting matches of Starcraft II, game of which he was a pro.

He later became famous for his own debates on topics ranging from politics to philosophy. In recent years it has also played an important role in deradicalize with its contents many supporters of the alt-right. This role has also been recognized by some newspapers such as Wired and the New York Times.

This time, however, Destiny will not just talk about the elections in Georgia. In a video posted on his YouTube channel he announced that he will be personally involved in campaigning for Democrats in Georgia, asking the members of his community who live in that state to help out.

Last weekend Bonnell flew from California where he lives to Atlanta, the capital of Georgia, to meet his supporters willing to participate in the project. The response from his community went beyond all expectations, And this weekend operations will begin real propaganda in favor of democratic candidates.

If the Destiny operation will have a real impact we will only be able to know in a month. The success of participation that this initiative has found since the first moments, however, is an indication of how even a community such as that of gamers, seen as far from real political commitment, can with the right incentives become an active part of the public debate.