Let's face it, translating a complex language like Japanese it's never easy and most of the time trying to transpose a statement from one language to another could lead to minor misunderstandings. And that's exactly what happened to a translator of SEGA Europe after having wrongly translated the last intervention of Toshihiro Nagoshi, director of the series Yakuza.

During the interview uploaded to the official SEGA channel, exactly at 11:59 a.m., Nagoshi started talking about the role of hardware Nintendo during the development of Super Monkey Ball. Here is what is transcribed in the video subtitles:

“I think today the Nintendo platform is still a console played by a large slice of age, but in essence, I think that it is a hardware for children and teens. "

Obviously, the news made the rounds of the internet from head to head, making the poor pass Chadshiro Nagoshi for a Nintendo haterwhen in reality the situation it's completely different. Especially when the Yakuza series has already made its way to Nintendo consoles through an HD port of the first two games on the ill-fated Wii U console.

Fortunately, the youtuber and professional translator takes care of it Gaijinhunter to clarify the matter. Through a second translation of the interview it is possible to see how Nagoshi spoke in a general way on the success that Nintendo consoles have in the market.

Here is the complete correct translation:

"The Nintendo platform is, and continues to be played by a large slice of age, but in general I think their hardware is strong when it comes to kids and teens. "

In short, a real storm that was unleashed on the good Nagoshi and that leaves us an exemplary lesson: learn to control sources! Or at least, to translate them well!