CD Projekt Red and Cyberpunk 2077 continue to be the target of controversy. After public apology of the developer for disappointing performances on PS4 and Xbox One, the big shots of the company add to the dose of mea culpa in a recent one conference call leaked in the last few hours.

Cyberpunk 2077 CD Projekt RED Night City WireThe emergency meeting (reported later in transcribed version) saw investors, concerned about the drop in the stock market of the company, discuss with the CEO not only the recent problems that have plagued the launch of the game and the following days, but also difficulties encountered with the development and testing of the offending versions.

In essence, CD Projekt admitted that it mainly considered the PC version of the title, focusing little on the old-gen console versions. For this reason, optimization for these platforms has continued until the day the game is released, which is why the tested have not received any preview copies for these versions. Furthermore, Microsoft e Sony they would still have allowed the game to be released, trusting the team's ability to fix problems as soon as possible.

As for testing, it's the fault of the situation Covid in recent months, CD Projekt has failed to rely on expert third parties in the sector, relying on internal staff and limiting the effectiveness of bugfix operations.

And now? The team is currently working on the patch promised in the last few days, scheduled for the months of January and March and which - hopefully - should fix the situation.