We are approaching Christmas and for the occasion epic Games is ready to bomb us for 15 days with new offers free, from here until the end of the year. The title of this first day? Let's find out!

For all lovers of management, Cities Skyline di Colossal order has finally arrived on the Epic Games Store and will remain free for 24 hours.

“Cities: Skylines is a modern take on the classic city simulation. The game expands the basic concepts of the city building experience and offers new elements that will create both the excitement and the difficulties of building and managing a real city. The creators of the Cities in Motion franchise bring a complete transportation system to the game. Cities: Skylines also offers the ability to be modified to suit your play style, thus perfectly counterbalancing the complex multi-level simulation. The only limit is your imagination, so close your eyes and start dreaming big! "

Obviously, in order to redeem the game an account is required epic Games. See you tomorrow with the next mysterious title. The only clue about the gift package? A circular saw. What could it possibly be?