In a completely blocked PC Hardware market, with new releases coming out immediately being stormed by bots run by speculators, many gamers are forced to make some sacrifices and to consider buying graphics cards and lower-end CPU. However, in the case of Nvidia and the previous generation of RTX, the research may turn out impossible.

According to the guys from the Russian site, Nvidia would have "Completely discontinued" the production of boards such as RTX 2060 e 2060 Super, with the remaining units already sold and shipped to their respective green team partners.

A strategic move to get rid of the old hardware and focus on the production of the 3000 series, which also includes the RTX 3060 Ti? We do not know. One thing is certain: on sites like Newegg or eBay, the remaining units have already gone up in price, reaching dollars 1000. Crazy stuff!