Released a few days earlier on PS4 e Xbox One, cyberpunk 2077 receives a new patch of hotfix (version 1.05) which fixes some of the technical gaps of the last title of CD Projekt Red.

CD Projekt RED Cyberpunk 2077 Keanu ReevesAmong the various changes listed in the changelog, we report various fixes to some flaws that have caused in recent days bugs and crashes to the unfortunate. In terms of gameplay, CD Projekt has made a small rework to the reactivity of the NPCs, who will now be able to hide faster during shootings. In addition, there are various improvements to the mode HDR of the title andgraphic interface.

As for the fixes exclusive to PC, AMD users will finally be able to play Cyberpunk using their Ryzen processors to the fullest. Finally, some graphics issues have been fixed for users unable to play with Raytracing active.

However, this new update it does not fix the bug that could corrupt your save, as documented by some players in the past few days.

PSA: [STEAM / PC] crossing about 6 mb in your save files will cause your game to take 30 seconds to 1 minute to load. Crossing 8 mb will cause your game file to corrupt and not be able to load at all. DO NOT CRAFT TO MAKE MONEY from cyberpunkgame