Let's go back to talking about the free offers ofEpic Games Store with a return to this section. The game available again for free today is Metro 2033: Redux.

Developed by 4A Games, Metro 2033: Redux is the definitive edition of the shooter set in post-apocalyptic Russia told in the book by Dmitrij Gluchovsky.

“The year is 2033. An entire generation is born and raised underground, and their cities in the subway stations are besieged and fight for survival, against each other and against the mutant horrors that roam the surface. You are Artyom, born a few days before the catastrophe, but raised underground. Having never ventured beyond the limits of the city, a fatal event begins a desperate mission that will lead you into the heart of the subway system to warn what's left of humanity of the terrible threat that looms. "

As usual, the offer will remain active until tomorrow and is available exclusively to users epic Games. One more reason to recover it immediately!