In the last few hours a leak of documents linked to Nintendo would have brought out new backstories not only on their hardware and software development, but also about how the Kyoto company address the problem of hacking and piracy. But let's start step by step.

At about 01:40 this night, the Italian leaker Eclipse - name already familiar to fans of the Pokémon world after the various leaks of the prototypes of the Gold and Silver versions of the Game Freak title - would have come into possession of an archive containing images related to Nintendo Switch developement kit, to hardware design of Switch, 3DS and DS, even coming to some documents related to computer security management of consoles.

These documents in particular - dated to the distant 2012 - would document the stalking a modder of 3DS and the methods of operation of the legal team (the so-called "Nintento Ninjas"), complete with a flow chart with every possible and imaginable outcome.

If confirmed, it wouldn't be the first time that a software house has resorted to such methods to punish leakers or members of the hacking scene. We recall how in 2019, Take-Two lawyers showed up at the home of a YouTuber for reporting leaks on Borderlands 3.

But back to Nintendo, the rest of the leaks focus on the hardware part of their consoles, through various photos of console prototypes, gyros and cartridges. In particular, it would seem that Nintendo Switch has taken its first steps already in the distant past 2013, long before the announcement of the “NX” project.

As always, when it comes to leaks like these, we invite you to take it all with the necessary pliers, although the source of these images is quite reliable. We can not help but report them and update you on developments over the next few hours.