Monster hunter rise, the last chapter of the historic series of Capcom, will hit stores next March 21 2021 on Nintendo Switch. However, during this long wait, mom CapGod has decided to release numerous videos dedicated to the upcoming novelties for the weapons at our disposal. Let's find out together:

At the level of basic moveset, the weapons seem to behave as in the previous chapter Monster Hunter World and with reworks designed for expansion Iceborne, but to these are added new moves available through the mechanics of Attacks Silkbind, a technique that can be performed thanks to one of our new companions: the Wire Bug.

Great sword

The Great Sword gains Silkbind Attacks Power Sheathe Hunting Edge. With Power Sheathe it is possible to combine the insect with your sword, and then load a shot with enormous power. Hunting Edge, on the other hand, allows you to launch yourself into the air to surprise the prey with a shot from above.

Long Sword

The Long Sword, on the other hand, continues to adopt a style full weeb with skills Soaring Kick e Serene Pose. The first allows you to launch yourself towards the monster, and then use it as a springboard to climb even higher and hit it with a vertical thrust. Serene Pose, appears to be a variant of the Judgment Cut present in the Devil May Cry series, with our insect that will enhance the single slash of the hunter, to land a devastating blow.


Le dual-blade they specialize in the art of quick and close damage with skills Shrouded Vault e Piercing Bind which take this style to its extreme. Shrouded Vault is a special move that allows the hunter to throw himself at the monster with the force of a storm. Piercing Bind is instead one strategic skill, which hooks the hunter towards the monster, holding it tightly in its grip and increasing its offensive options, adding extra combo as a bonus.

Sword & Shield

Even the much loved ones Sword and Shield gain their own aerial skill with Falling Shadow, a single slash capable of hitting the victim several times. Windmill instead, it is an attack that allows the hunter to use the Wire Bug as a whip, securing an option for the area damage.


A Kirin's worst enemy. Slow but deadly, the Hammer will have two air strikes at its disposal. With Silkbind Spinning Bludgeon (thanks Capcom for the name as tamarro as possible) the hunter will be able to charge his shot, and then launch himself against the prey with the violence of a moving Uragaan. Impact Crater, as the name suggests, it is instead a much faster top shot that will create a small crater effect on the ground.


As with the Dual Blade, the spear can attach to the monster with the skill Twin Vine, while through Anchor Rage it is possible to parry the blow received and increase your attack, to be able to launch yourself against the monster with the strength of a train.

Charge Blade

The Silkbind skills of the Charge Blade highlight the ability of the weapon in both its phases. With Advance Morphing you can immediately switch to the ax state by skipping the transformation animation. With Counter Peak Performance instead, the hunter uses the shield to parry the blow. The impact will load all the vials of the weapon, to then allow the hunter to hit the prey with a full blow.

Switch Ax

La Switch Ax gets the skills Invincible Gambit e Switch Charger. The first is an unstoppable attack that will grant the hunter one hyper armor for the duration of the animation. With the second instead, the Wire Bug will infuse its energy into our blade, guaranteeing a limited period of infinite charge for the weapon.

Insect Glaive

The favorite weapon of the undersigned. Directly from Monster Hunter Generations, the Insect Glaive incorporates the skills of style Plane in the skill Silkbind Vault, giving the hunter the opportunity to remain in flight for a long period of time and confirming the best weapon to deal with prey in flight such as Rathalos. With Recall Kinsect, you can immediately call up your Kinsetto e recover health points.


The skills of the gunlance they rely on ensuring the most hits for the hunter. With the air attack Hail Cutter the cooldown for reloading shots is reduced, while with Guard Edge You can reload the sharpness of your weapon through enemy shots.

Hunting Horn

Long live the players who can master theHunting Horn and its buffs! The skills Slide Beat e Earthshaker they are able not only to create additional melodies, but also to inflict massive damage on prey. When you say "now I'll play them!"

Light Bowgun

Le Silkbind of firearms rely on exploiting space as one's ally. In the case of the Light Bowgun, with Silkbind Glide it is possible to approach the monster and then surprise it with a close attack, while with Fanning Vault the hunter will unload a shower of bullets directly from above.

Heavy Bowgun

With skill Free Silkbind Vault, the owners of one Heavy Bowgun they can move freely at a higher speed, to surprise the enemy or escape from a critical situation. With Counter shot, the hunter will use the impact of the enemy blow to return the damage with interest through a deadly blow.

Bow and arrows

Users of Bow and arrows finally, they receive new buffs to attack and stamina with skills Herculean Draw e Focus Shot. Not really exciting skills like the others, but hey: not useless for that.

And you? What will you use for your Monster Hunter Rise run? And in multiplayer? Moreover: you noticed that monsters introduced in World will also return in this chapter?