F-Zero GX represents one of the flagships of the library proposed at the time by Nintendo GameCube. Despite this, the brand seems to have been definitively abandoned by the Japanese company, given the absence of a new chapter from the market for the past 17 years.

The producer of the GameCube chapter thought about F-Zero, Toshihiro Nagoshi, best known for the Yakuza series. Interviewed by the microphones of Red Bull France, the producer he admitted that he would be happy to work on a new chapter in the saga.

“Mmm… Leaving aside that this is a very unlikely event, I must admit that I have a lot of affection for the F-Zero GX. If the opportunity presents itself, I wouldn't mind going back to work on the series. In that case I would like to make it a challenging and complex game. In fact, Nintendo already has a fun and accessible racing game: I'm talking about Mario Kart. "