Twitch plays Pokémon it was one of the most curious projects in recent internet history. A Twitch channel that gave users the ability to write commands in chat to control the adventures of the coach who was the protagonist of Pokémon games.

Now a Canadian programmer is replicating that experience in his Twitter profile photo. The game is collectively controlled by its beyond 27.000 follower that responding with the names of the Game Boy commands, “Up, Down, Right, Left, A, B, Start and Select”, are advancing in the Pokémon Red adventure.

Obviously, to stay updated on the progress of the game, you must constantly update the profile of the author of this very special game mode. One of the rare cases where a game is played at approx 4 frames per minute. 

Around the first Twitch Plays game Pokémon it was created a very passionate community, a plot and characters that no one could ever have imagined in a game like Pokémon Red. Perhaps even this experience could inspire something similar.