Nvidia has just finished its digital presentation for CES 2021 (Consumer Electronic Show) and during this presentation he wanted to unveil the new GPU that will be added to the series 3000 with architecture Ampere: RTX 3060.

Obviously we are talking about a cheap GPU compared to the standard set by Nvidia with its latest models, but that is still capable of running games like WatchDogs: Legion and Shadow of the Tomb Raider in detail alti, with a stable frame rate and with RTX active.

As for technical specifications: the RTX 3060 is equipped with 13 Shader-TFlops, 25 RT-TFlops e 101 Tensor-TFlops dedicated to DLSS e 12GB of GDDR6 Ram. The price? dollars 329 for the reference card, with various manufacturers ready to release their custom versions next February 2021. Of course, as long as the users manage to buy them!

Finally, Nvidia announced the arrival of new ones laptops equipped with GPUs Nvidia RTX Max-Q, able to achieve performance far superior to the models previous.