Since the acquisition of 21st Century Fox by Disney in 2019, the fate of Dead Pool was the protagonist of various speculations. There are those who thought that a third chapter would never come and those who thought that the film would remain disconnected from Marvel Cinematic Universe, adopting a completely different label. Well, in an interview with Collider, the producer of Marvel Studios Kevin Feige wanted to remove all doubts about the future of the red light mutant.

Feige confirmed that the film will be canon in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and will fall within the acronym of Rated-R, the American counterpart of our red sticker, specifying however that the production will not enter its filming phase during 2021:

“We are working on the script, and Ryan is supervising it, but despite the project being approved, Deadpool 3 will not start shooting in 2021. Ryan is a successful and very busy actor. At the moment we have a couple of things that we have already announced and that we need to carry on, but it is really exciting that the project has started. He's a very different character for the MCU, and Ryan is a force of nature, which makes seeing his character come to life really cool. "

Deadpool 3 Marvel Cinematic Universe Kevin FeigeIn short, Deadpool fans (and perhaps also the X-Men) can finally sing victory: the film will be made! It is not known when it will hit theaters, but the fact that the film is in pre-production is already a good sign.