What do they have in common Riot Games e Bungie? Nothing, they both manage their projects separately - Riot has the universe of league of legends and the FPS Valuing, while Bungie develops the series of Destiny 2. So why is this such a nonsense question? Apparently, the two software houses have turned their attention to a particular team of cheat engines: GatorCheats, which in recent months has caused several problems for both companies.

QueenAccording to the lawsuit released by the software houses, it is visible on Polygon, the offending program would go to damage the balance of the two free games, especially from the point of view of the objects available through the farming o microtransactions, coming to report economic damage equal to several million dollars.

The element that brings the story to the levels of one soap opera is the relationship between GatorCheats and Bungie. The creators of Destiny have indeed served their lawsuit in November 2020, with the site owner initially promising to stop selling the software immediately. However, according to some sources, GatorCheats would have offered the software privately anyway and continued to offer technical support to old buyers.

What will happen now that the project has not one but two giants of online gaming on its heels?