indiana jones bethesdaAfter the very welcome announcement di a new video game from Indiana Jones, made by MachineGames and supervised by Bethesda, fans immediately took action to try and find the hidden clues in the short presentation teaser.

From what we have been able to deduce, the title should be set in Italy and more precisely in the Vatican City area, since from the images it is possible to see a plane ticket to Rome, dated 21 October 1937. This places the game (which will tell an unpublished story), exactly one year later Raiders of the Lost Ark and a year before Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. The setting is further confirmed by the map in the background, where the Sistine Chapel and the streets around the Holy See are clearly visible.

The videogame journalist Jordan Oloman he then managed to transcribe the contents of the sheet inserted into the typewriter, providing further details. This is the extrapolated content:

"Father (name illegible), thank you for taking the time to help me ... with this written request ... I will arrive in Rome ... I have been informed that your contact will be there waiting for me."

This would place the work in the period of Mussolini's approach to Hitler, thus going to involve the theme of the fight against the Nazi regime that typically characterizes the franchise.

Indana Jones's teaser was therefore a short but definitely full of clues. Clues not to be sought, however, in the images recently appeared on the net, which showed how numerous objects dedicated to the saga were present behind Todd Howard during a September 2020 interview, in which he discussed the recent acquisition of Bethesda by Xbox Game Studios.

Pete Hines in fact, he specified that this was not intended: Howard is simply a huge fan of the archaeologist and has a large collection of memorabilia dedicated to him, which is one more reason why he will supervise the work.