As promised by the Kickstarter campaign ended in 2017, Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night will also add the Classic mode, coming today with the update 1.20.

As confirmed by the official twitter account of the work of Koji Igarashi, this new free mode will change the style of the game, passing from Metroidvania to the Platform Horror typical of the originals Castlevania for NES or of the series Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon, developed by Inti Creates.

This also marks the penultimate stretchgoal made by ArtPlay, after introducing new modes and characters since its release in 2019, with the latest update arriving in the last quarter of the year.

When will the update come out? According to the official website, version 1.20 will be made available at hours 19 Today Thursday 14 January 2021 on all platforms. Meanwhile, the protagonist of the game Miriam join the cast of the mobile game Kingdom: Two Crowns through a crossover event.