Atlus released a new spectacular trailer di Character 5 Strikers, Entitled "All.Out-Attack".

Character 5 Strikers is the spin off of the acclaimed 5 person, Atlus' JRPG that has conquered critics and audiences, especially with the arrival on the market of the version Royal.
The video shows us sequences of cutscene and gameplay, focusing on fighting styles of various Phantom Thieves, such as Joker, Makoto e Haru.

Strikers, unlike the main chapter, it is a action-RPG musou, thus abandoning the turn-based combat in favor of an imprint more action, without giving up typical features of the series such as the presence of a party of 4 members and using Person.

They thought about the development of the title P-Studio e Omega Force: the latter already known for having developed canonical titles of the genus musou as Dynasty Warriors.

Character 5 Strikers has already been present on the Japanese market since February 20 2020, While in West its publication is scheduled for the next February 23 2021 to PS4, PC e Nintendo Switch.

Its arrival in the western videogame market is most likely due to  excellent sales which found in Japan, as Atlus pointed out some time ago in a financial report.

Waiting to be able to return to take on the role of ghosts again Phantom Thieves of Hearts, you can read ours preview su Character 5 Strikers.