And here's a piece of news that we don't hear often in the gaming landscape: the developers of YIIK: A Post-Modern RPG have recently released a new update capable of making every player's forbidden dream come true: shut the protagonist's mouth.

The new update adds a new entry in the game options dedicated to the dialogues present during the main adventure. Depending on the player's choice, the protagonist Alex will be able to talk non-stop (as in the original game), have reduced dialogue or stay silent. The reasons behind this singular option: going back to 2019, the year the game was released, YIIK and the team of Ackk Games have been the subject of various post-launch criticisms for writing the character of Alex, regarded as an insensitive character with overly verbose dialogues.

What according to its author Andrew Allanson it was an intentional design choice turned out to be a deal breaker for many users interested in the game, leading the developers to release this new bib patch. But it doesn't stop there! The update indeed adds a new boss and a rework to the combat system of the title, in preparation for the future update 1.5 which will include the final third of game.

The update was currently released on Steam, e GOG, but will this addition be enough to break the hearts of the detractors of the game?