Hideki Kamiya as always does not send them to say and, this time, he talks about the five defects of Nintendo Switch.

The famous Japanese director talks about himself in almost every tweet posted on his profile. If a few days ago he expressed his desire to inform fans about the Bayonetta development 3, now he explains what the defects of the Nintendo hybrid console. According to him, the device would have the following problems:

  1. The Home screen is really bad;
  2. The Virtual Console is poorly exploited;
  3. Absence of the D-Pad on the basic model;
  4. Lack of support for Bluetooth headphones;
  5. A wasted opportunity with the virtual console titles OutRun and Space Harrier, which could have exploited the Joy-Con motion sensors.

Despite his often abrupt and on the verge of trolling, this time Kamiya has only said what is already repeated by many gamers, except for the fifth point that only a creative like him could have included in the list.

Would you add any other flaws? Would you take off some? Tell us with a comment.