Among Us represents a real one stroke of luck in misfortune. After its release in 2018 on Steam, the title of Innerslot found success during the global pandemic, becoming one of the most played titles between console, PC and mobile and even going so far as to win awards ai The Game Awards 2020. This success, however, took the team by surprise as they are now organizing to support the title during 2021.

Among Us Innersloth Update UpdatesAs explained by the developer himself in a post published on the game's official blog, the success of Among Us forced the staff to reorganize your schedule, so you can work in a more functional way for new updates:

“We spent 2 months restructuring, thinking about new processes and collaborating with external partners to help us manage and simplify everything. It's a behind-the-scenes job, and while that meant working outside the game, it will make it easier to develop now and in the future. We want to do more to show you how grateful we are, but without sacrificing the quality and values ​​we had before the game hit. "

But what does the future hold for Among Us? At the moment, Innersloth is working on one new map presented at The Game Awards and a personal account system for players.