GTA VI Rockstar Games Take-TwoTake-Two recently recorded new ones patents which look like they are strongly connected to GTA 6 and open worlds in general.

"System and Method for Virtual Navigation in a Gaming Environment", this rather explanatory title that suggests the content of the patents, begins with an accurate description of how the current systems on which the open world environments in the videogame field work, also illustrating the limitations of the same and the problems that may arise. Cars with "Wandering behavior" for example (literally, a wandering behavior), they may end up not taking into account some important factors such as traffic, weather conditions or the search for a suitable spot to stop, rather than park in the middle of the road.

The solution proposed by Take-Two and which could actually find the first applications in GTA 6, it concerns the delegation of traffic management to cloud systems which, without too many technicalities, would optimize its operation beyond the limitations experienced up to now. Without bothering comparisons with cyberpunk 2077, whose traffic management is certainly not the flagship of the manufacture , even the most well-kept titles from this point of view tend to bring out chronic problems regarding external settings. Problems that, with these patents, Take-Two aims to solve, perhaps starting from the next chapter of the Rockstar Games franchise.