When it comes to video games belonging to the genre of fighting, narrative is that element that is either neglected or treated superficially in comparison to many other genres. Yet it is precisely the saga of Tekken to have received the Guinness World Record for the category Longest Running Videogame Storyline.

To communicate it was the same director of the Bandai Namco series, Katsuhiro Harada during an interview available on the official channel of the software house:

To tell you the truth, even Harada himself remained very surprised for this recognition, considering it much more suitable for a series linked to the world of RPGs such as final Fantasy o Dragon Quest. Well, behind this merit there is a clause regarding the linearity of the storyline.

Compared to historical sagas such as the aforementioned Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest but also the rival of the Capcom house Street Fighter, the storyline told in Tekken - and which sees the members of the Mishima family as protagonists - was carried out during every single main chapter in the series, with no particular branches, alternative universes or prequels.

In short, for more than 25 years the Tekken saga has made its narrative a minimal component but at the same time unique for its genre of belonging. Fiction that continues to move forward with Tekken 7 and which could find its conclusion in an eventual Tekken 8, in a few years.