According to a new report by BloombergApple is working on their first step in the industry Virtual reality (VR), with a new headset coming in the next few years.

Apple VR AR Augmented Virtual Reality BloombergAccording to this insider report Mark Gurman, the viewer currently under development will not be alone expensive (like any Apple product) e dedicated to a specific niche, but it will also be a starting point in the development of futuristic gadgets such as the much talked about augmented reality glasses.

Speaking of the technical specifications: the headset N301 currently being tested could take advantage of the best that Apple has to offer by integrating not only a better processor than the current one M1 present on Macs, but also of cameras for augmented reality, an integrated cooling system and the possibility of replace the visor lenses according to the user's ocular sensitivity (obviously by prescription).

Finally, the report assumes that 2023 as a launch window. What do you think? Will Apple really enter the world of VR? And how will this hypothetical hardware be used?