Like the rest of the entertainment media, video games are also trying to become more and more inclusive, in order to increase the audience. Among the most complex challenges in this area is that of make video games accessible to people with disabilities.

As controllers evolve to ensure an increasingly immersive gaming experience for most players, large companies hardly consider in their plans those who cannot handle those same devices. 

Just to fill this gap, initiatives such as Special Effect. This association helps develop technologies to help people with physical disabilities access video games.

Their focus is mainly on controllers, from simple modified Joypads to eye checks. This last technology is the protagonist of their latest project, EyeMine.

This software, completely free and now in its second version, allows you to play Minecraft simply by looking, without the need to use your hands.

EyeMine provides players with a kind of ocular keyboard, which provides the player not only with the normal functionality of a game of Minecraft, but also several specific options for facilitate gameplay by eye control. 

EyeMine is currently only available for the PC version Game Java. You can learn more about all the Special Effect projects on their website.