Generating competitively worthy Pokémon has always been complex. Multiple factors influence the chances of obtaining a "perfect" specimen, and often this process takes quite a long time.

For this reason, some players succumb to the temptation to take shortcuts that reduce time by changing game data. Pokémon company recently admitted that the presence of cheaters is becoming a problem both on new titles Sword and Shield that of Pokémon Home. 

The increase in misbehavior would not only create a worse experience for online gamers, it would actively stay interfering with the operation of some applications. 

To put a stop to the problem, Pokémon Company has announced a new tightening, which provides for suspensions of different duration, until the permanent ban, for anyone suspected of using incorrect methods.

Players caught cheating will be banned from online play and Pokémon Home features. The measures will be taken at the complete discretion of the company and will not be followed by any type of refund for the affected player.

Already in August, Pokémon Company had found itself in a similar situation, and had removed a lot of modified Pokémon from their databases. However, this provision seems to have proved insufficient, and now the company is ready to hit the players directly.