Ghost of Tsushima could arrive in the next-gen version on PS5, as suggested by the LikedIn profile of the same director.

The indiscretion comes directly from the LinkedIn profile of Dave Molloy, director of the lucky title thanks to the words "Now working on Ghost of Tsushima for Sony PS5". These words were later replaced by the less alarming "Now working on Ghost of Tsushima for Sony PlayStation". What is Sucker Punch hiding from us?

Ghost of Tsushima Sucker Punch Feudal Japan

There are two possibilities at this point: the first, and most likely, is the arrival of one improved version of the title exclusively for PS5 able to take advantage of all the features of the console. The second, and for now less likely, would be the realization of a real sequel. It is undeniable that the latest effort by the American studio has generated a great success. Success that would guarantee an excellent response from the public in the event of a sequel that, almost certainly, will arrive sooner or later.

Are you ready to see Tsushima Island polished up on PS5?