Ninja is probably the most famous gamer in the world. Among the few streamers to have a reputation even outside the small community, over the years he has amassed a huge following that have made him a superstar.

However, this ascent was not without its stumbling blocks. Not only was his adventure with Microsoft on his now defunct Mixer platform an unfortunate parenthesis. Ninja is often criticized for his attitude towards his community. 

Precisely in these behaviors falls the last interview that the streamer gave to New York Times. In particular, he did discuss his answer to a question aboutexcess of hatred and bigoted behavior that his young following often exhibit in chat. Question Ninja answered:

“It all comes down to the teachings of the parents. Do you want to know who your son is? Listen to him when he plays video games when he thinks you don't hear him. And then another thing: how does a white child know he is privileged if his parents do not teach him what racism is "

Ninja's chat is actually flooded with spam with all kinds of insults, especially racists. It is usually believed that public figures with a large following have a responsibility towards their fans, especially if they are very young. The stars are called to be a model, have to report inappropriate behavior.

Ninja on the contrary not only does not intend to take the responsibility of educating his following, but in the interview he robs these behaviors into provocations directed towards him. Should he repeat one of the insults that appear in his chat live, he would end up at risk of being banned.

It is not the first time, however, that Ninja stumbles upon similar topics. Between racism and misogyny, Tyler Blevins is certainly not without controversy. IS the world of streaming is becoming more and more uncompromising with this type of behavior.