Plague Inc: The CureFedeli to the promise made last year, the boys of Ndemic Creations have made the new DLC available for free "The Cure" for their Plague Inc.

The expansion was made with the collaboration of world health experts, part of WHO, CEPI and GOARN, and aims to put the player on the other side of the fence with respect to the canons of the series. In The Cure, users are called upon to respond promptly to a global pandemic with a whole series of new tools and mechanics made available, such as social programs, the establishment of research teams and economic programs to subsidize them. All for the race to create the vaccine through the fundamental cooperation between states around the world.

The Cure is already available for free for all owners of a copy of Plague Inc (currently heavily discounted on Steam) and it will be "Until COVID-19 is definitely under control".