Embracer Group Gearbox EntertainmentIt will not talk like Microsoft's purchase of Zenimax, but also Embracer Group takes a big hit with the purchase of Gearbox Entertainment. The parent company of the much better known THQ Nordic (with whom he shared the name until 2019), welcomes in his family the home of the famous franchise of Borderlands with a total cost deal of 1.3 billion dollars. In turn, Gearbox will become "Significant shareholder" by Embracer Group.

In the press release released yesterday from Embracer, the details of the acquisition are highlighted, with particular emphasis on the initial amount that will be disbursed by the Swedish publisher, set at approximately 363 million dollars, of which 175 million in shares.

Gearbox CEO, Randy Pitchford, declared himself enthusiastic about the deal and the future prospects opened by it: in its press release, the company stressed that the new position “To further expand the number of their talents, create new studios and open up to new partnerships”.

In the past few hours, Embracer Group has also acquired Aspyr Media, software house specializing in the porting of video games on PC and MacOS, which had often worked closely with 2K Games: the Austin team, acquired for an initial amount of 100 million dollars (with the possibility of increasing up to 350 million dollars under certain conditions) will be placed under the control of Saber Interactive, software house acquired by Embracer about a year ago.