The meeting of the shareholders of Codemasters, which put an end to the story of the acquisition of the software house. Four months after Take Two's original offer, which kicked off the race, EA is the winner.

It all started on November 9, 2020, when the first news of Take-Two's interest in Codemasters had begun to leak. These first appreciations in the following twenty-four hours had found confirmation, and by the end of the following day the agreement seemed to have already been reached.

For 994 million dollars the owners of Rockstar seemed to have secured one of the leading companies in racing games, holder of important official licenses among which that of Formula 1 stands out.

Result images for Formula 1 codemasters

In the following month, however, silence fell around the operation. No official movement from Take-Two, silence from Codemasters, and the surprise news at the beginning of December.

Elecrtoic Arts had entered the deal, surpassing Take-Two's offering by nearly $ 300 million. 1,2 billion, a frightening figure that Codemasters could only accept. 63 of the 76 shareholders voted in favor approving the acquisition and setting the date of suspension of the company from the English stock exchange for 16 February.

The operation will officially end by the end of first quarter of 2021, despite the recent predictions they see EA in trouble from the middle of this year onwards.