Mass Effect Legendary Edition will arrive on May 14, 2020, but compared to the official releases of the games in the trilogy BioWare / Electronic Arts, the long awaited remastered will not include all released DLCs, leaving behind all the add-ons of Mass Effect 3's multiplayer mode and the Pinnacle Station of the first chapter. To the microphones of Gameinformer, the director Mac Walters explained the reason for these absences.

Mass effect legendary editionAs for Mass Effect 3's multiplayer mode, the BioWare team has decided to do not include it in the final package of the Legendary Edition, thus making the presence of the various exclusive add-ons unnecessary, the story behind Pinnacle Station is far more bizarre. This DLC was in fact made by an external software house (Demiurge) for the PC and Xbox 360 versions of the first Mass Effect, but when the time came to develop the port for PS3 BioWare was unable to obtain the source code of the DLC.

Walters called the source code search an "emotional roller coaster," with the team ready to roll up their sleeves to track down Demiurge so they can get their hands on any backups. Problem: the backup of the Demiurge source code is corrupt. This discovery led BioWare to exclude Pinnacle Station from the remastered.

Walters finally explained how un remake of the Pinnacle Station has been considered, but subsequently discarded:

“I wish we could. Honestly, just because this - referring to the Legendary Edition - represents everything the team has created, brought together once again. Leaving all this in the "editing room" was heartbreaking. "