Naked, in the woods. Thus begins the games of Rust, a title in which the first hours of play are almost always a nightmare. Just to make it a little less complex to overcome this initial obstacle, Facepunch is introducing one "softcore" mode.

It is aimed at the "more casual players" of Rust who want their experience to be less brutal. Don't expect your constructions to become indestructible. Rather it will be possible to recover more easily in the event of death.

Here are the changes that will be applied to ten new servers, coming later this month:

  • When you are killed, half of your inventory can be recovered at the place of your death or in a recovery terminal - items in the terminal disappear after 2 hours
  • All players can now spawn in safe zones at any time (provided they are not marked hostile)
  • You can only see the loot of an injured player
  • The maximum team size is 4

Facepunch believes this should be a good place to start but will continue to improve and tweak this mode until they find an ideal entry point into the game.

Rust, for some time, has been living a second life thanks to the arrival of several streamers, both foreign and Italian, who have injected thousands of new people into the game.